Moto G6 review – TG

Moto G6 review

One of the best budget phones, plus it has an 18:9 screen

by Techgyan, 03/06/18

Moto G6 review - TG


The Moto G6 may not feel or run like a leader telephone, but rather it’s not professing to be one. The G6 offers a lot of strong highlights, in addition to additional items including some fun camera highlights, quick charging, and everything signifies to make a standout amongst other spending handsets available.

(+) FOR

  • Low price
  • Premium design for the price
  • Bright and clear display


  • Main variant only available with 32GB of storage
  • Not waterproof
  • Slow camera


Motorola’s G arrangement has gone from quality to quality, which is a genuine accomplishment thinking about the primary telephone in the line, from 2013, set another standard for reasonable telephones, and piled on deals to coordinate.

The organization’s point with the Moto G line is to bring those highlights you’d typically expect on top of the line telephones to a less expensive handset. It’s never going to be an indistinguishable affair from purchasing a really top of the line telephone, however it allows you to experience those best end highlights without spending a fortune.

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Keeping that in mind, Motorola has conveyed to the Moto G6 the 18:9 show proportion we’ve seen on a few best end telephones in the previous year and a half or so from the Samsung Galaxy S8 to the LG G6, Huawei P20 to the Asus Zenfone 5, to a moderate handset.

It’s not the main organization to do this – Alcatel discharged an entire arrangement of telephones (featured by the Alcatel 5) recently that even incorporated a telephone under £100 with an 18:9 show – yet it’s the first run through this element has gone to the Moto G, and that is a major ordeal.

Also, the show isn’t the main leader esque element, with different firsts for the Moto G line including a double sensor camera on the back, quick charging and more highlights you’d typically observe on top of the line telephones.

So is this the ideal handset for the individuals who need something gorgeous and include pressed in their pocket yet would prefer not to spend heaps of cash? How about we investigate the Moto G6.

Moto G6 release date and price

  • You’ll be able to buy around the world at some point during May
  • The most basic version costs £219 / $249 (about AU$320) 

You would already be able to purchase the Moto G6 in a few markets – it was at a bargain in Brazil promptly after the press dispatch on April 19, while early May saw the telephone dispatch in the UK.

Motorola has affirmed the G6 will go to the US retailers sooner or later in May, yet we don’t presently know a correct discharge date. We likewise don’t know when the telephone will dispatch in Australia, if by any means.

Moto G6 review - TG

Concerning the value, we know it’s set to cost £219/$249 (about AU$320) for the standard rendition, which has 32GB of capacity and 3GB of RAM. Both Vodafone and EE in the UK are running the telephone with the best arrangement originating from EE at £23 a month with 2GB of web included.

There’s additionally a top of the line form that is elite to Amazon, with 64GB of capacity and 4GB of RAM, which will cost £239, and you may well believe it’s justified regardless of that additional £20 to twofold your stockpiling – we don’t have US or Australia evaluating for that telephone yet, however we’d expect a comparative premium if it’s accessible in those business sectors.

Moto G6 design and display

  • Features a bright and clear Full HD+ 5.7-inch LCD display
  • More premium design than previous Moto G products
  • 3D glass back design with rounded edges

Moto G6 review - TG

Both the outline and show have been significantly enhanced over the Moto G5S from 2017. The Moto G6 accompanies an 18:9 perspective proportion show, and that is an IPS LCD at 5.7 inches.

You get a Full HD+ determination, so it’s somewhat higher than Full HD telephones as a result of the taller screen estimate. It doesn’t look as dazzling as the showcases on top of the line handsets, yet it looks awesome thinking about the cost of the telephone.

The new viewpoint proportion isn’t only useful for the look of the handset, it implies there’s more screen pressed into a little body; it’s the ideal size for the telephone’s general size (we found the G6 less demanding to hold than the Moto G6 Plus), and the screen is brilliant, with solid review points as well.

We found it a battle to see the screen in brilliant daylight, which can be a weakness of IPS LCD screens contrasted with AMOLED shows.

The extended angle proportion of the show makes the G6 feel like a remarkable overhaul over the Moto G telephones of the past, as it enables the telephone to have a marginally bigger show without taking the measurements of the telephone itself into phablet domain.

The G6 is made with 3D glass, so the back looks glossy and premium, in spite of the fact that it picks up fingerprints rather effectively. That is an issue with a great deal of glass-sponsored telephones, however, and it just brings a minute to wipe down the back to dispose of imprints.

We’ve been utilizing the dark form of the Moto G6 for this survey, however, there are additionally Deep Indigo, Silver, and Blush (another blue shade) shading alternatives.

The back edges of the G6 are bent, and that enables it to sit substantially more serenely in the palm of your hand than past models – on the off chance that you’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy S7, it’s a comparative arch on the back. There’s an aluminum outline around the edges, which is maybe the least expensive inclination component of the telephone.

Motorola says the G6 is sprinkled confirmation, yet it hasn’t yet uncovered the telephone’s IP rating, so you’ll need to take mind around water as it won’t survive being completely submerged.

On the base of the telephone, you’ll discover a USB-C space in the center and – thank you Motorola – a 3.5mm earphone jack, so you can utilize your wired earphones with this telephone. We didn’t know whether Moto would keep the earphone jack for this telephone, as it’s dropped it from its leader items, so aficionados of wired headsets will be glad to see the element held here.

Motorola has likewise kept the unique mark sensor on the front of the telephone, just underneath the show, yet it doesn’t consume up much room, so the base bezel is very thin and looks great. The sensor is simple it hit, and we found that it worked effectively.

Battery life

  • Features a 3000mAh cell inside with fast charging
  • No wireless charging despite glass back on a phone

Battery life on the Moto G arrangement has dependably been worthy, however not dazzling and it’s a fundamentally the same as the case here with the Moto G6. Both the recently propelled Moto G6 Play and Moto E5 Plus have a substantially greater spotlight on long-life battery with 4000mAh and 5200mAh cells in individually, yet the Moto G6 just has a 3000mAh battery.

So, it still offers an entire day from a solitary accuse of blended utilization. One of the days we were trying it we truly put it through hell and it required an energize at around 6 PM, yet in the event that with normal utilization you should discover it’ll last you through a bed.

Not at all like those other Motorola items, however, this is never going to last you for in excess of a solitary day – you should energize this overnight.

On the off chance that you hope to utilize your telephone pretty much nothing, you’ll observe the Moto G6 battery to be amongst great and awesome while in the event that you utilize it somewhat more frequently than that you’ll see it to simply be great.

We ran our video battery test on the telephone where we play a video at top splendor for an hour and a half and it turned out the opposite agree with 79% of its battery remaining. That is not in the same class as the Moto G5S that lost 16% of its battery, however, it is superior to the Moto G5 that lost 22%.

Charging is basic through the USB-C link at the base of the telephone and there’s additionally Motorola’s turbo power Charging highlight as well. That implies on the off chance that you utilize the authority charging block you’ll get used out of the telephone for a considerable length of time from just thirty minutes charge or thereabouts.

We found the quick charging highlight to work especially well, however, there’s no remote charging here and in case you’ve put resources into the tech you’ll be frustrated the glass-upheld telephone isn’t fit for that.


  • Dual sensor camera with 12MP and 5MP on the rear
  • 5MP shooter is used for depth sensing for Portrait mode
  • Front facing 8MP shooter

The back camera on the Moto G6 wouldn’t take the most perfect shots you’ve ever observed from a telephone. It can stand its ground against different telephones around this cost, however, and some more costly mid-officers as well.

It’s a double sensor setup, with a 12MP sensor working couple with a 5MP one to its side. It’s not as effective a blend as you’ll see on leaders like the Huawei P20, and that implies you don’t get similar advantages, however, we’ve been inspired by what we can do with this back shooter.

Photographs taken utilizing the auto mode look high caliber, and you’ll be cheerful to share them via web-based networking media. We found the camera can somewhat ease back to take a photograph, which can be disturbing, yet insofar as you’re taking a photograph of something static it won’t be an issue.

The 12MP sensor has a gap of f/1.8, while the 5MP auxiliary sensor is f/2.2. The second sensor just winds up valuable when you’re utilizing the telephone’s Portrait mode, which is a component we’ve especially delighted in utilizing on the telephone.

Once more, don’t anticipate that this will be as effective as the picture modes on the iPhone X or different leads, however as an additional camera highlight to play with it’s an awesome option.

The picture mode empowers you to center around a forefront subject and applies three diverse essential impacts to your photographs. You can obscure the foundation, make some portion of the picture highly contrasting for a ‘shading pop’ impact, or complete a straightforward pattern of the forefront.

One issue we some of the time had with the picture mode was attempting to get the telephone to center around the particular subject we needed to shoot. It is anything but a basic tap-to-center task, and rather the telephone wisely works out what it supposes you’re endeavoring to shoot; some of the time it’s not sufficiently insightful, however, and it might take you a couple of endeavors to hit the nail on the head.

The representation alternatives wouldn’t make artful culminations using any and all means, however, you can play around with them to make some intrigue shots that you typically wouldn’t have the capacity to go up against a spending handset. You wouldn’t have any desire to purchase this telephone only for this component, however, as an additional option, it’s very fun.

The telephone additionally accompanies picture acknowledgment programming that empowers you to take photographs of articles you run over, or points of interest in a city you’re going by, and get data about them, for instance, a Wikipedia page, or subtle elements of where you can purchase a thing.

We attempted it with this Pikachu expand you can see beneath and it got it spot on knowing it was a Pokemon character called Pikachu and furthermore an inflatable adaptation of the character.

We attempted it with different items, for instance, dress, and it battled however in the event that you hold up a jar of soda it’ll see it and serves you connects to get it from a retailer. Motorola likewise demonstrated a case that shows you utilizing it for historic points around a city when you’re going by.

This element isn’t as top to bottom as Bixby vision on the Samsung Galaxy S9, however, you may locate the odd use for it.

On the front of the Moto G6 is an 8MP selfie camera, which we’ve observed to be fine to take shots of our face, yet again there’s nothing here that will overwhelm you. There is a channels mode, which overlays Snapchat-like decoration, for example, feline highlights or bunny ears on your mug, yet this is a fickle element right now, and it sets aside a long opportunity to process pictures.

There is definitely not a wide-point focal point on the front of the Moto G6, yet in the event that you need to fit a gathering of companions into a selfie, there is a route here. It’s called Group Selfie and works correspondingly to the display mode on general telephones.

You take the main photograph, and you’re at that point incited to move the camera left and appropriate to take extra shots, at that point every one of the pictures is sewed together to make an all-encompassing picture with everybody in it. It’s a fundamental instrument, however, we found that it worked more often than not, and it’s a convenient other option to bearing a selfie stick.


As should be obvious in the case above it can once in a while obscure your face, yet in the event that you attempt a couple of times without moving you’ll have the capacity to take care of business.

You can record up to 1080p video on the back camera, and the recording looks affirm, in spite of the fact that it’s not a big deal, particularly when the Moto G6 Plus is fit for recording in a higher determination.

One element we enjoyed is the capacity to catch moderate movement film. It’s an essential adaptation of the moderate mo highlight we’ve seen on different telephones, for example, the Xperia XZ2, which can record at 120fps, however, while the edge rate is just 60fps here the recording looks great.

We thought that it was hard to shoot with as the camera is zoomed in more than when recording ordinary video, however, to play around with a fast shot in moderate movement this is a pleasant little touch.

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